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Boat rental IJsselmeer

Boat rental IJsselmeer
When on 28 May 1932 the Afsluitdijk was finished this put an end to the Zuiderzee and the IJsselmeer was born. At that moment the largest sweet water lake of the Netherlands arose. The combination of space and rest, nature and culture offers innumerable possibilities for an adventurous destination. The IJsselmeer is especially an ideal sail area. Also lovers of the rich historical port places from the Golden Century and old fisher towns will love this part of Holland. From whatever direction the wind blows, you can always discover an interesting spot around the IJsselmeer. Several places around the IJsselmeer have a unique character. We make a virtual trip around the lake in a clockwise direction starting from Makkum.

Makkum is well-known throughout history for it's pottery. Even far beyond the Dutch state borders this pottery is well known. Allthough pottery is made in more parts of Makkum "Royal Tichelaar Makkum" is baking pottery for more than four centuries. Because of that, this is the oldest venture of the Netherlands!

Somewhat to the south of Makkum we find Workum. Which is part of the so-called Frisian Eleven City Route for skating. Just like Makkum you will find a lot of bread bakers here. But this town is most famous for housing the well-known painter Jopie Huisman. The largest part of his heritage is on display in the Jopie Huisman Museum. Just like from Stavoren it is possible to sail from Workum to the frisian lakes and vice-versa in the direction of the IJselmeer. 

Sailing IJsselmeer

Stavoren is the oldest of all Frisian cities. What is now a nice and cosy place for water sports, used to be an active trading city. Trade was done with areas surrounding the baltic Sea and the Rijn. But this city at the Zuiderzee has had it's bad times; a ban on catching herring; conquest by the lard traders and large fires. A large misfortune has been formulated in the legend of the Vrouwtje of Stavoren. According to the legend a rich ship owner woman send one of her captains out to find the most precious in the world. The captain returned and took along a hold full of grain. In her anger the woman had all the grain dumped in the port. As a sentence for her recklessness the port of Stavoren silted up.

The village Lemmer lies between the IJsselmmer, the large Brekken and the Tjeukemeer. For Lemmer water has always played an important role. In the Middle Ages battles were regularly fought; as one tried to enter Friesland by means of this port. In the 17th and 18th century Lemmer became a port city for sailing to the Baltic Sea. A century later it is only a fisherman port.

Urk exists for more than 1000 years and was up to 1939 only reachable by ship. In that year a dike has been layed in the direction of lemmer. Urk still is most beautiful when viewed from the water. Especially the unique contrast between the higher former island and the lower Zuiderzee is unique. Urk, which you will find in the centre of the Netherlands, houses the most modern fish junction of Europe where it is just like at the BootNodig Internet site possible to arrange things on-line: It is possible to buy fish there by means of a computer

Other places around the IJsselmeer and Markermeer
Along the IJselmeer you will find some interesting places that make renting a boat very interesting for example: Monnickendam, Volendam, Hoorn, Enkhuizen, Medemblik, Makkum, Hindeloopen, Stavoren, Lemmer, Urk, Lelystad en Almere.

A combination of a sailing trip on the Wadden Sea and the Frisian lakes belongs to the possibilities.


Home port
Day cap. (asc)
Night cap.
87Sailing yachtMangoMuiden (NH)  8  8 i 
5ScowBiW16Workum (FR)  8   i 
55SchoonerPrideHarlingen (FR)10  8 i 
137CutterNoorderzonLelystad (FL)10  7/8 i 
126TjalkLevenMonnickendam (NH)12  8 i 
124BargeMarendorpEnkhuizen (NH)12  6 i 
300MotorvesselBoot VIAmsterdam (NH)1212 i 
98BargeWylde HittjeGrou (FR)12   i 
85BargeIsalaniaVolendam (NH)12   i 
89CutterFreyaIJmuiden (NH)12   i 
101SkŻtsjeAnnaSneek (FR)1212 i 
102BotterMK58Monnickendam (NH)12   i 
118BargeZeebeerMonnickendam (NH)12  9 i 
283BargeStrunerKoudum (FR)12  6 i 
203BotterBornrifHarlingen (FR)1211 i 
264Sailing yachtHVALHarderwijk (GE)12   i 
252TjalkVrouwe FrancinaMonnickendam (NH)12  8 i 
165BotterHK3Harderwijk (GE)12   i 
183BotterVD84Volendam (NH)12   i 
23TjalkVrouwe GerdinaMonnickendam (NH)1212 i 
42BotterVD172Volendam (NH)12   i 
51TjalkJacobsschelpMuiden (NH)12  8 i 
58BargeBonte PietHarlingen (FR)1212 i 
32BargeEbenhaŽzerZeewolde (FL)12  8/12 i 
52SkŻtsjeNova CuraSneek (FR)1212 i 
411MotorvesselBoot VIIRotterdam (ZH)1212 i 
50Party shipHoop op WelvaartAlkmaar (NH)12  4 i 
424Salon boatTramWeesp (NH)12   i 
425BargeLE112Echtenerbrug (FR)12   i 
76SkŻtsjeTwee GebroedersSneek (FR)1212 i 
432MotorvesselBerezinaHaarlem (NH)12   i 
173Party shipRoyal JumboNaarden (NH)1414 i 
54SkŻtsjeElisabethSneek (FR)15   i 
227ClipperMother GooseHoorn (NH)18   i 
404BargeLE196Muiden (NH)18   i 
73TjalkLammert van DirkMuiden (NH)18   i 
164TjalkVolhardingMuiden (NH)2016 i 
129SkŻtsjeTrouwe HulpLangweer (FR)2016 i 
25TjalkKaprioolLemmer (FR)2012 i 
72MotorvesselAli-B2Alphen aan den Rijn (ZH)2012 i 
82BargeVrouwe JohannaAmsterdam (NH)2012 i 
19TjalkVerwisselingMuiden (NH)2014 i 
75TjalkDe VlieterMakkum (FR)2016 i 
109BotterVD17Monnickendam (NH)23   i 
123ClipperAnna van OranjeAmsterdam (NH)24   i 
81BargeMaximaHarlingen (FR)2518 i 
117TjalkDe DankbaarheidEdam (NH)2516 i 
167SloopWaterland VletMonnickendam (NH)25   i 
33TjalkSpes MeaHarlingen (FR)2520 i 
39State-yachtDe UtrechtMuiden (NH)27   i 
140ClipperVerwonderingMuiden (NH)2916 i 
188BargeMinervaHarlingen (FR)3024 i 
13TjalkSilhoueTDen Oever (NH)3016 i 
111BargeAlidaHarlingen (FR)3024 i 
409ClipperVrijheidMonnickendam (NH)3319 i 
17TjalkZuiderzeeMonnickendam (NH)34   i 
226ClipperEgberdinaHoorn (NH)35   i 
88TjalkLisMuiden (NH)3512 i 
166ClipperChateaurouxMonnickendam (NH)3526 i 
244ClipperIdeaalHarlingen (FR)3528 i 
84ClipperCatharina van MijdrechtMonnickendam (NH)3518 i 
83TjalkHannusAntwerpen (BE)3526 i 
230MotorvesselFrieslandAmsterdam (NH)3636 i 
77ClipperBree SantHoorn (NH)4028 i 
35ClipperAnna MuidenMuiden (NH)40   i 
1ClipperBeantraLemmer (FR)4028 i 
2ClipperGaiaLemmer (FR)4030 i 
64ClipperZuid-HollandHarlingen (FR)4026 i 
30ClipperAvontuurAmsterdam (NH)4224 i 
162TjalkDe EgelantierMuiden (NH)45   i 
20ClipperPassaatHarlingen (FR)4528 i 
43ClipperActiefHarlingen (FR)4530 i 
139ClipperPelikaanHarlingen (FR)5028 i 
157Salon boatSuccesAmsterdam (NH)50   i 
171ClipperAverechtsHarlingen (FR)5030 i 
110ClipperGrootvorstHarlingen (FR)5030 i 
15ClipperTwee GebroedersMuiden (NH)50   i 
21ClipperPoseidonHarlingen (FR)5032 i 
29ClipperAldebaranRotterdam (ZH)5030/32 i 
44ClipperDe Hoge WierMuiden (NH)50   i 
149Party shipNautilusMonnickendam (NH)50   i 
231MotorvesselVita NovaAmsterdam (NH)5045 i 
407ClipperJohanna EngelinaEnkhuizen (NH)5332 i 
163TjalkDe RederijkerMuiden (NH)55   i 
18TjalkSeleneMonnickendam (NH)55   i 
69TjalkStockpaerdtLoosdrecht (NH)58   i 
172ClipperSuyderseeHarlingen (FR)6034 i 
6ClipperVriendschapMonnickendam (NH)60   i 
146Salon boatLelieMuiden (NH)60   i 
3SchoonerWapen fan Frysl‚nEnkhuizen (NH)7036 i 
62Party shipHanzestadZwolle (OV)70   i 
37SchoonerNieuwe LiefdeAmsterdam (NH)7024 i 
288Party shipIndependent3Amsterdam (NH)75   i 
150ClipperOostvogelRotterdam (ZH)7524 i 
260Party shipBoot VLoosdrecht (NH)80   i 
174SchoonerMare fan Frysl‚nAmsterdam (NH)8541 i 
234MotorvesselMagnifiqueAmsterdam (NH)10034-39 i 
38SchoonerHartstochtAntwerpen (BE)10024/33 i 
199Party shipBoot IIAmsterdam (NH)100   i 
99MotorvesselMerlijnRotterdam (ZH)10024 i 
49Party shipSuccesAlmere (FL)110   i 
57SchoonerOosterscheldeRotterdam (ZH)12024 i 
276SchoonerWylde SwanAmsterdam (NH)12036 i 
145Party shipHydrograafMuiden (NH)150   i 
298ClipperSanne SophiaMuiden (NH)150   i 
431Party shipBoot IIXAmsterdam (NH)200   i 
158Party shipBoot IAmsterdam (NH)240   i 
198Salon boatKapitein KokAmsterdam (NH)375   i 
241Party shipRiverZZRotterdam (ZH)500   i 
141Party shipPure-liner 2Amsterdam (NH)600   i 
259Party shipOceandiva FuturaAmsterdam (NH)600   i 
246Party shipOceandiva OriginalAmsterdam (NH)1500   i