Nautical agenda

03/08/2018 to 12/08/2018
Boot huren Sneekweek

It's time for the largest inland water event in Europe: the Sneekweek! Each year, the Frisian town of Sneek is for one week dedicated to sailing events. Besides a sailing competition, there is plenty to do for boat-enthusiasts, like a boat show and the "Boat of the Year"-election. The whole city is in a festive mood, with a fun fair and music festival at various venues. This year promises to as spectecular as the last one - so you'd better make a trip to Sneek!

03/08/2018 to 05/08/2018
Boot huren Varend Corso Westland

The Westland Floating Parade is an annual event where boats are decorated with flowers, plants, fruits and vegetables. The boats sail a route of 70km by Westland, Delft, The Hague, Vlaardingen and Maasluis. It is also very busy this year with more then 300,000 expected spectators who want to marvel at the beautiful boats.

06/08/2018 to 15/08/2018
Boot huren Nawaka

Nawaka, the largest water scounting event in Europe, takes place in Roermond. Over 5000 water scouts will set up their tents on the banks of the Meuse. The 10-day camping event is totally dedicated to water sports. Maas and the surrounding Maasplassen are eminently suitable for this kind of activity, as it is the largest area for water sports in the Netherlands with over 3000 acres of water. The vast and small lakes offer a great diversity where you can fish, swim, dive or sail.

17/08/2018 to 18/08/2018
Boot huren Mosseldag

Every third Saturday of August Zealanders cellebrate the mussel festival in Yerseke. It is a feast for the more than 45,000 mussel-enthusiasts. In Yerseke, the mussel center of Europe, the party continues with a carnival, a street fair, mussel tasting and other activities.

30/08/2018 to 02/09/2018
Boot huren Into The Great Wide Open

Do you want to travel by boat to the best festival in the Netherlands? Of coarse you can! For three days, the Frisian island Vlieland is completely dedicated to the pop festival Into The Great Wide Open. This art festival, that was elected the best festival in the Netherlands in 2011, is intended for culture lovers. With great attention to visual arts, film and nature, the festival is suited for both the elderly and children.

05/09/2018 to 09/09/2018
Boot huren HISWA te water

Do you want to buy a new boat, check the latest developments in the yacht-building-business or do you just want to marvel at the latest boats out there? Then you definitely should go to the HISWA boat show, where manufacturers show their latest boat models and water recreation-products. Since 2012 the HISWA in-water boat show is located in the hip NSDM yard in the northern part of Amsterdam. With over 300 boats on the quay, the HISWA boat show is the largest in-water boat show in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.

07/09/2018 to 09/09/2018
Boot huren Wereldhavendagen Rotterdam

Photo: Christian van Elven

The theme of the World Port Days is the 'colorful harbor'. During the 37th edition of the maritime event (5th / 7th September), visitors can discover how surprisingly diverse the largest port in Europe is.

For three days, there is the opportunity to visit the businesses and port with your boat. There is also plenty of attention for nature and architecture. Excursions are made to a submarine, the Karel Doorman: this will be the major attraction. The largest ship ever of the Royal Navy will be open for public as well.

Boot huren Amsterdam City Swim

On Sunday 7th of September over 1,000 swimmers are going to battle the motor neurone disease by raising funds for research. Each swimmer minimally raises €300 as they swim through the canals of Amsterdam. The route goes along the Maritime Museum, via the Nieuwe Herengracht, the Amstel river and Carré to finally finish at the intersection Reguliersgracht / Keizersgracht. A true spectacle to behold!

21/09/2018 to 23/09/2018
Boot huren Warmondse schippertjesdagen

For lovers of nostalgic skipper parties the Warmondse schippertjesdagen is a nice festival to visit. Every second weekend of September, the port of Warmond is transformed into a festive event of various types of traditional boats, shanty choirs and other ship entertainment. There are also competitions between classic vessels and for culinary fans the Warmondse schippertjesdagen are suited as well. Who wouldn't want to enjoy a typical skippers breakfast while a choir of sailors sings in the background!

20/10/2018 to 28/10/2018
Boot huren Strontrace

Since 1974, the Strontrace is held. Sailors compete with each other to sail from Workum via the IJsselmeer to North-Holland and back with a cargo of dung. Competitors of this legendary race may only use sail- and manpower. Thus, the historical route of manure from Frisian farmers to the Dutch bulb-best is simulated. To enhance the historic character even more, participating boats may only when they have a historical character, such as barges and skûtsjes.

20/10/2018 to 21/10/2018
Boot huren Brandaris race

The Terschelling- lighthouse 'Brandaris' is the namesake of the Brandaris Race, a race that starts in Frisian Harlingen and ends on the beautiful island of Terschelling. The thing about this contest is that only old ships, so-called 'sailing monuments' can participate - Klippers, Tjalken, Aken, etc. Would you like to participate on this race.? Please contact us - several ships from the Bootnodig fleet are sailing along.

29/11/2018 to 20/01/2019
Boot huren Amsterdam Light Festival

Amsterdam is ablaze this winter. The beautiful old town is transformed into a true festival of light. A range of sculptures, projections and installations produced by contemporary international artists decorate the inner city. The sailroute leads you through the Amsterdam canals and the Amstel, all lit by various works of art. This festival is organized with a conscious view on sustainability. The light design meets the latest standards and uses the latest LED technology. Amsterdam Light Festival is thus a good example of the merging of art and technology. Enjoy this unique festival from the water with one of the boats of Bootnodig!