Rent a Cutter

The cutter is best known as a small fishing boat. Yet this boat type was originally developed for various purposes, including as a pilot or as small cargo boats. The word cutter originates from the word 'cutter', which is the English name for this type of boat. Nowadays, however, cutters are mainly fishing boats. Since the 1980s cutters have been limited in power in the Netherlands and may therefore be used for certain fishing methods that take place close to the Dutch coast. Renting a cutter is mainly done to enjoy a day fishing on the water. Or to make an interesting film shot.

Boot huren Lelystad. Kotter Noorderzon
Cutter Noorderzon lies in Lelystad. On this ship is room for 10 persons. With this boat, you can sail here: IJsselmeer, IJmeer / Pampus, the Markermeer.