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Bootnodig mediates at royal level

Opening Maximakanaal from the water made possible by Bootnodig!

The Maximakanaal was officially opened on Tuesday 5 March by none other than the queen herself. With a cannon shot, the release of balloons and the singing of the Maximakanaallied by a children's choir, the new waterway was officially inaugurated. Queen Maxima performed the ceremony from the ship Pure Liner 2. Bootnodig brought this cruise about and made it possible for this royal opening to be carried out from the water.

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The biggest boat in the world - and in history

The biggest, the best, the most beautiful: the search for the exceptional always keeps us busy. This applies especially to ships. Every time you see a gigantic cruise boat passing by, you think 'bigger than this one probably isn't there'. But then you seem to be wrong. Strangely enough, cruise ships are not even the biggest. The largest ship ever built is a supertanker.

The largest ship in the world

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