Bootnodig mediates at royal level

Opening Maximakanaal from the water made possible by Bootnodig!

The Maximakanaal was officially opened on Tuesday 5 March by none other than the queen herself. With a cannon shot, the release of balloons and the singing of the Maximakanaallied by a children's choir, the new waterway was officially inaugurated. Queen Maxima performed the ceremony from the ship Pure Liner 2. Bootnodig brought this cruise about and made it possible for this royal opening to be carried out from the water.

Maximakanaal opened from the party boat Pure Liner 2

Finding a royal boat that also meets the exact maximum dimensions of the passages that led to the Maximakanaal is a tough task. Fortunately Bootnodig can offer boats of all sizes and for all classes and stands. The choice was soon made for the Pure Liner 2, a beautiful boat that was suitable for this cruise on all terrains. Queen Maxima will confirm that. Her opening of the canal from the foredeck of the Pure Liner 2, which was in the Empel lock, was a great success.

The Maximakanaal opens connecting the Zuid Willemsvaart with the Maas.

With the opening of the Maximakanaal, the diversion of the Zuid-Willemsvaart between the Maas and Den Dungen has come to a successful end. The work started in 2010, with the aim of creating a better passage for ships. The city of Den Bosch in particular will benefit from the new Maximakanaal. Shipping traffic no longer needs to pass through the city and large boats can now travel via the Maximakanaal to the port of Veghel.

The construction costs of the canal are 400 million euros. This makes the Maximakanaal an expensive and at the same time valuable addition to the already extensive waterway network in the Netherlands.